In Extremis

October Wrap-Up


This month (October) got busy toward the end – not what I anticipated but as long as In Extremis is moving forward I’m happy – and we wound up with a couple of new (important) articles and a new Future Plans.

Three posts for October (which is more than September, for those at home keeping a tally) and the site has recently been up 145% in views. It may not look like it, but October was a pretty good month. The release of Movement I of the Orchestral Suite isn’t quite here yet and I haven’t completely divorced myself from soundcloud, but good progress was made.


  • Lott: The main form of currency in In Extremis, after the implementation of OLAH
  • Weapons: In Omneutta, they’re classified in an RPG-like system with an upgrade path that has room for blacksmith creativity
  • Future Plans: Part X contains a to-do list from now until The Index releases (Dec 22), along with some other updates

November will feature some updates to articles, like the addition of silhouettes of all the weapons for size comparison in the article, as well as progress towards the release of The Index. Release of Movement I and progress towards Movement II of the Orchestral Suite is expected in November, as well as progress in the writing of Dead Run. No articles are currently planned for November release, but in review of what is to be included in The Index, a surprise article or two might appear.

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