Weight Size Value Origin Effect
2.5g – 8g Unknown 1-1000 O.L.A.H. Unit of Currency

Lott (pl. and singular) is the main form of currency in Omneutta under the Omni-Lata-AdHocracy. They are often obtained from merchants or other Omneuttians in exchange for favors or goods. All five coins connect to display a design on one side; each coin has its own value on the opposite side in Ontrett.


Lott are used in economic communities that are compliant with the AdHocracy. Some Omneuttians prefer not to deal in in Lott and have economies based in bartering – select communities have a mix of bartered goods and monetary value in Lott.

Lott has seen use in all published works of In Extremis at the moment, including Chasing Shadows.


Lott are formed in casts of a durable metal and then coated with a thin layer of another material to add value. These rare materials are mined in Astran-space. The location of these mines are kept secret, to prevent pirates from disrupting the government’s monopoly on these rare metals.

Value Colour Material
1 Bronze Chaltite
5 Silver Asimium
25 Gold Aurite
100 White Andium
1000 Black Evril

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