Lott (lot)
Weight Size Value Origin Obtain Effect
2.5 – 8 g. 2 – 3 cm. 1 – 1,000 O.L.A.H. Trade, Economy Unit of Currency

Lott (pl. and singular) is the main form of currency in Omneutta under the Omni-Lata-AdHocracy. They are often obtained from merchants or other Omneuttians in exchange for favors or goods. All five coins connect to display a design on one side; each coin has its own value on the opposite side in Ontrett.


Lott are used in economic communities that are compliant with the Ad-Hocracy. Some Omneuttians prefer not to deal in in Lott and have economies based in bartering – select communities have a mix of bartered goods and monetary value in Lott.


Lott are formed in casts of a durable metal and then coated with a thin layer of another material to add value. These rare materials are mined in Astran-space. The location of these mines are kept secret, to prevent pirates from disrupting the government’s monopoly on these rare metals.

Value Colour Material
1 Bronze Chaltite
5 Silver Asimium
25 Gold Aurite
100 White Andium
1000 Black Evril

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