In Extremis Wrap-Up

September Wrap-Up


You know what? There’s only two posts on the website this month (not counting this one). You know what else? Other stuff happened.

Well this month could’ve gone better, at least on the website. I thought I’d get a Deity article (or two? haha), or start another map in September, but that didn’t happen.

  • The Blade:¬†All the way at the other end of the month, the last -Space article.
  • New Desktop: So this came and went with little announcement but I feel like it’s my best one so far. Middle of bottom row.
  • Index Preview: So the cover art for 1.0 is out, along with sort of a rough idea of what The Index is/will be.
  • Index Poll: Do you want it in .pdf or eBook form? (facebook poll)

I know this is just going to sound like optimism again, but now that the first movement of the Orchestral Suite is completely scored (and all nice and neat/clean) I think I can get a good demo of the music out. It’s about ten minutes, so it’s a lot. In some other news due to the probably impending purchase of SoundCloud by Spotify, I’ll be moving my stuff (In Extremis and otherwise) off of SoundCloud through early October. I’ll put out a Future Plans (X, I think) detailing that, as well as The Index and the remainder of 2016. Sounds like a plan, y’all.

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