The Blade


The Blade
Dominant Race Sha’an
Location Information
Terrain Climate Points of Interest Local Groups
Mountain Highland, Low Flatland Highland, Humid continental Rey’ynar’s Fortress Southern Ridge, Western Edge

Musical rendering from ‘Environmental Atmospheres’


The Blade is a dystopian section of Omneutta, inhabited mostly by Sha’an. This -Space as a result is full of signs of civilizations of yesteryear; abandoned dwellings and partially-destroyed landscapes cover The Blade. Many aspects of The Blade are falling apart or in disrepair, including many planet-stars themselves.


The geography of most of The Blade is similar to sub-arctic geography. There are long, wide stretches of low lands as well as mountain ranges that sculpt weather patterns. The mountain ranges usually do not rise as high as other ranges across Omneutta—like those in Pale Shores or the pillars of Vale Reef—but rise high enough on average to collect snow.

Local Groups

There are two local groups in The Blade: Southern Ridge and Western Edge. The Western Edge is a local group by dispersement; the planet-stars that are a part of Western Edge in the local group due to their location relative to each other. The Southern Ridge is a local group due to the prevalence of mist among both the planet-stars and star-planets in the area.


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