In Extremis

August Wrap-Up

And just like that, the summer is gone. I am back in school and life goes on.

August was good and September will be off to a good start. In August I made my way through a bunch of stuff that I can’t show yet like Dead Run writing, Dead Run music, and the Orchestral Suite. I also had work, some side projects, and commissions. Then I moved halfway across the country. Anyway, here’s what happened in August:

  • Maps: Along with this new article (with all new map markers that are constantly being updated), came the orthoscopic Davo map.
  • Summer Near-End Recap: Response to Future Plans: Part IX where I laid out what I wanted to do during the summer. Got most of it done too.
  • Celestial Bodies: This is my new favourite post to link to, sheesh. Anyway this post talks about planet-stars, star-planets and things like that.
  • Summer Cleaning: The summer version of Spring Cleaning, which got rid of broken links and added links onto old articles to new articles.
  • Vale Reef: The second-to-last -Space article! Not much here, but it is a mysterious section of Omneutta.

Like I said earlier, September should be off to a good start. The last -Space article is coming soon, as are more artwork, including some desktops. Hopefully I can share at least the first movement of the Orchestral Suite in September, as well as get another Deity article out. I doubt I’ll make another map in September alone, but I might start another soon. Maybe even another small article on something like Lott, or some more backstory elements like another chunk of the Ontiba. As always, we’re inching closer to the release of The Index as well.

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