Vale Reef

Vale Reef


Dominant RaceKettlah

Location Information

TerrainClimatePoints of InterestLocal Groups
Plateaus, Mesas, ButtesHumid undergrowth, Cold and arid rock formationsThe VeilN/A

Musical rendering from ‘Vale Reef EP’


Vale Reef or Kettlah-Space is one of the more mysterious locales in Omneutta. This is due not only to the reclusive and mystical ways of the Kettlah, but also the very nature of Vale Reef. Most planets are separated into the plateaus, flat rocky areas visible from space, and what is to referred to as the undergrowth. This separation is the result of a thick layer of cloud-like mist that is far denser than most known liquids. Many rock formations also have a faint purple tint, though this is not certain to be a natural phenomenon and could be a result of prolonged exposure to the mist.


Vale Reef is comprised of planet-stars and star-planets that sport large vertical rock formations. A popular theory held by non-Kettlah is that over time the mist has carved what could have once been canyons across Kettlah-Space into the plateaus, mesas, and buttes seen across the reef today.



Few accounts of the undergrowth exist due to the unwritten rule observed by the Kettlah who descend under the mist to not discuss the Undergrowth with anyone except those who go below, and those chosen to learn how to go below. This practice is so cryptic that Kettlah who do not go below have no understanding of the process undertaken in choosing who to pass the skills necessary to.