Summer Cleaning

Back again, if you remember the spring cleaning, this was another one of those. Last time I added one-hundred eleven links to the site (even though the site only claimed 102), and this time I added 75, but according to the website, there are 88 new links, so clearly my record keeping is slightly off somewhere in this process.

A huge source of links was the newest article–Celestial Bodies–that explains what Planet-Stars and Star-Planets are, as well as some other large objects in space are.

Some upcoming articles in the future are Vale Reef (Kettlah-Space), The Blade (Sha’an-Space), along with articles for the Deities I haven’t done yet: Extiru, Haket, and Taruthe. A frequently referenced article that doesn’t exist (this practice was explained in Spring Cleaning) yet is Astran, and Lott (the form of currency) is not too far behind.


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