Summer Near-End Recap

This was almost Future Plans: Part X, but I didn’t want to waste a milestone post on something that doesn’t have a lot of talk about the future.

Back in Part IX I wrote out a list of all the things I wanted/expected to get done over my summer break. With 14 days of summer break remaining for me, here’s an updated version of that list:

  • Finish the modeled map of Davo
    • Done, and updated with a labeled map.
  • Finish the -Space articles
  • Get artwork out for the Reykata
    • Yeah, no that didn’t happen
  • Get close to (or finish) having the Deity articles done
    • Another close one here, just like the -space articles. Actually. I only gone one done and that’s Sham’ayn. But hey, progress.
  • More Desktops
    • Yep, and more on the way!
  • Begin writing Dead Run
    • Check, and check.
  • Another Species EP
  • In Extremis Orchestral Suite
    • Two movements down, three to go
  • Assorted Articles

So that’s how the summer’s gone so far. If you hop over to the Davo page, the newest version of the (now-labeled) map is the default image. The un-labeled version is also available as well, right underneath labeled plain. You can also get that here (WARNING: very big image). If any of the map labels aren’t the most intuitive thing you’ve ever seen, head to the Maps page (linked above, or here) to learn more about the icons and what they mean. That page will be updated over time as I create more maps that require different labels.

You may have noticed (or will soon notice) the countdown in the sidebar getting down to December 22nd and an item called The Index. The index is going to be a digital companion that will be continually released as an eBook (.mobi and .epub) to help keep you guys and gals up to date. If you’ve got the eBook version of Chasing Shadows for instance, and reread after a while and stumble across a term you don’t quite remember, open up The Index and search for the term you want to look up. It will function like an encyclopedia, containing definitions of terms, as well as information about planet-stars, omneuttians, flora, and fauna of In Extremis. Edition 1.0 will be released late in 2016 (December 22nd at the moment), and be updated every so often, and possibly contain information that won’t be on the website due to either spoilers or incomplete articles.

The website quasi-redesign is the last thing for me to talk about today. It’s mostly a new theme with some changes under the hood. The menu has been rotated a little bit to try and prevent clipping during deeper navigation through the menu. There’s also some new social media icons at the top of every page; facebook and YouTube links have been removed from the sidebar as a result. Probably the first thing you’ll notice is the randomly-rotating header images. I have six different images that are rotating as headers at the top of each page, more will come with time. The only real downside to this new theme is that what used to be featured images displayed when searching or when viewing by category are now extremely large in several cases. Before the end of the summer I have another link clean-up to do, maintaining that articles link to each other and adding new links to existing articles. During this I’ll remove troublesome featured images.


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