In Extremis

July Wrap-Up


The summer is almost over. Another month gone by so quickly.

So I thought July would be a lot better but my schedule picked up at work and I took on more side projects because making more money is never a bad thing for a college student. That aside, I did get some major In Extremis tasks done. Here’s what they are:

  • The Hilt: Another article for a section of space complete, plus some new artwork for local groups.
  • Matriarch Grove EP: Here’s the second In Extremis $1 EP. This time instead of Avotoc music, the music is based off of the pitched percussion of the Quarryn. If you haven’t picked up the Pale Shores EP for a dollar, it’s also on bandcamp.
  • Davo: Finally! While not completely finished with the article, I am done with the base map. I plan on over the next few days adding more gifs to the page, as well as adding a labeled map and another page as a key for future maps. Also, click the map to view it in it’s Hi-Def goodness. It’s a pretty big image.

Aaaaand, that’s it. There’s also some stuff that happened off-site, such as the first chapter of Dead Run is complete (as a draft/WIP stage), I’ve made progress on a couple movements of the In Extremis Orchestral Suite. August will hopefully better, but there’s more work, I still have side projects, and at the end of the month I have to pack up my set up and move back across the country for school. Oh yeah, I’ve also been toiling away all summer at my thesis in (really small) chunks. Anywho, August should at least contain more Davo gifs and a map page with some new labels and such.

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