In Extremis

June Wrap-Up


June went by pretty fast. Feels like last week it was June 1st and only a few days ago felt like the Summer Solstice (for any Northern Hemisphere followers).

June has come and gone, and so has my progress. Just kidding, I’ll still be productive in July, and hopefully long after. Anywho, here’s what I did in June:

  • Kettlah Races: The first article about races of a species!
  • Future Plans: Part IX was about the new map update, which I’ll get to at the end of the wrap up; you can even see it from here
  • The Outcropping: Ah yes, the Xiruen. What do we know about their homelands? Find out here
  • Gallants: Monoliths of the Ancient is well underway, now two choice-cycles in. There will always be time and space for anyone willing to catch up to the story
  • Timekeeping Reset: Waiting to feast your eyes on the full text of the Ontiba? Perhaps this will ease your wait
  • New Wallpapers: Hmm, can you guess who this pattern is for?
  • Sham’ayn: The wallpapers were for Sham’ayn! You knew it, I’m sure
  • Davo: While the article hasn’t been refurbished yet since the map itself is not quite done, here are some teasers to tide you over

July can be plenty productive too. I didn’t even talk about the In Extremis Orchestral Suite in the wrap up! Out of five currently planned movements, two are “done” with their form and structure, so that project is coming along swimmingly. There should be a couple more articles laying around here somewhere…and another species EP is definitely coming sooner rather than later.

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