Sham’ayn (shah-mahn)
Biographical Information
Birthplace Early Omneutta
Birthdate B.T.
Species Ontautt
Gender Female
Domains Curses, Hexes, Trickery
Biological Information
Weight Varies
Skin Colour Gray-Red
Eye Colour Red
Clothes Deity Robes
Armour Sham’ayn’s Cloak
Seen With Ontautt


Main Article: Ontiba 1:2

Sham’anyn was inadvertently created by Aster when he felt that one more deity was needed. However, Aster created both Sham’ayn and Taruthe.


Sham’ayn is the curator of all loose magiks in Omneutta. During her early years as an Ontautt, she was somehow able to access these powers, which were then restricted by Aster. This restriction is that she is unable to lift any curse she places.

View of Sentient Species

Sham’ayn has developed a bit of an appreciation for the Sentient Species and unlike some of the other Deities, believes that they should have full control over their own lives. However, she resents what her species, the Sha’an, have become- a continually dysfunctional society whose power is constantly changing hands. She harbours this resentment not against any other deity or a Sentient Species not her own, simply the fact that they cannot coalesce into a society like each other Sentient Species has done.


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