The Outcropping

The Outcropping


Dominant RaceXiruen

Location Information

TerrainClimatePoints of InterestLocal Groups
Rocky DesertLarge Deserts, Rock FormationsN/APan Arbnhap

Musical rendering from ’The Outcropping EP’


Xiruen-Space is most commonly referred to as The Outcropping. No species other than Xiruen lay a claim to the desolate lands that they call home. The Outcropping houses roughly two-thirds of all Xiruen dispersed fairly evenly amongst the planet-stars, with the other third scattered around Omneutta as hirable muscle of all sorts.


Most if The Outcropping is covered by large deserts, with expanses of short, dry grasslands between. Throughout Xiruen-Space are rock formations, usually vertical. Xiruen make their homes from these formations and the rocks of The Outcropping are special—many different kinds of rock grow towards the nearest or strongest source of light. In many cases these rock spires and formations will grow at odd angles towards the light.

Local Groups

Pan Arbnhap

Xiruen are not normally keen on outsiders venturing to Pan Arbnhap, which is the last bastion of Xiruen’s once-private society. Pan Arbnhap has no known translation in Omnel; this portion of The Outrcopping is the only known location where ground water is readily available, and the name might reflect this phenomenon.