Kettlah Races

Kettlah are fairly tall amongst the Sentient Species and most easily identifiable by the tendril appendages that can sometimes form wing-esque shapes from the backs of their arms. They also faintly glow, which is easiest to see in a dimly lit or dark area. They can also commune with departed souls, though the skill does take time and training to control. A rumored 5th race of Kettlah is known as the Niuni, and all that is known about them is that they have black eyes.


Average Height Average Weight Distinctions
1.98 meters
6′ 6″
100 kg.
220 lbs.
Golden Skin, White Eyes

Keyni are the most common Kettlah, currently. Their rich, gold skin and white eyes are distinctive and have come signify all Kettlah to Omneutta. Keyni are not predisposed to future-sight, nor interaction with the deceased, and are usually only able to learn one or the other.


Average Height Average Weight Distinctions
2.08 meters
6′ 10″
107 kg.
235 lbs.
Light Gold Skin, Thin Tendrils

The Maoni are considered to be the newest race of Kettlah, being naturally predisposed to learning both future-sight and communication with the deceased. They are taller than all three other races of Kettlah, on average. Their tendrils are much thinner than other Kettlah, and their skin is faded, a duller gold.


Average Height Average Weight Distinctions
1.9 meters
6′ 3″
98 kg.
215 lbs.
Dark Gold Skin, Short Tendrils, Thicker Tendrils

The Raoni are theorized to be the first race of Kettlah and come from the Golden Deep, born with a natural predisposition to learning how to commune with Omneuttians who have passed. They age more quickly, or have shorter life-spans due to their generationally frequent encounters with death. Their skin is a much darker gold, close to brown. Roani are shorter than the average Kettlah, and their tendrils are short and stocky.


Average Height Average Weight Distinctions
1.98 meters
6′ 6″
102 kg.
225 lbs.
White-Gold Skin, Long Tendrils, Thicker Tendrils

The Lueni are the rarest of the confirmed races of Kettlah. They are naturally born with or have a much easier time picking up the ability of light manipulation. They are also naturally athletically gifted, and can nearly fly whereas most Kettlah only glide through the air on their tendrils. This ability likely comes from their origination in the local group Columns. Lueni luminesce much more brightly than other Kettlah, and their glow grows stronger the longer they are in direct natural light.


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