Ochra ‘Jowoby


Ochra ‘Jowoby (awh-chrah yuh-awh-wawh-bih)
Biological Information
Birthplace N/a
Birthdate 907, A.T.
Species Turath
Race N/A
Gender Male
Biological Information
Height 1.81m | 5 11″
Weight 83.9 kg. | 185 lbs.
Skin Colour Dark Blue
Eye Colour Blue
Clothes Reuk Robe
Weaponry N/A
Seen With Kouoh Sarom, Dai-Zamaar, Naka yla Seljovh

Early Life

Ochra ‘Jowoby does not often speak of himself, so his time before being a Gallant is entirely a mystery. Ochra seems to prefer it this way, commenting on numerous occasions that he prefers to be known for the good he has done as both a Gallant and eventually the Reuk.

Being a Gallant

As mentioned earlier, Ochra does not often speak about himself. However, while he was a Gallant he made a habit of visiting the community of Miatrzy. He no longer engages in this practice, but Adry ‘Jowo has continued it, being raised in Miatrzy himself and was likely a young Turath who met Ochra on many occasions.

Cyliajaca’s Reuk

As Reuk, Ochra ‘Jowoby has become more withdrawn than he was as a Gallant, discontinuing his practice of visiting citizens between campaigns. It is unknown whether this is due to the stress he put his body through as a Gallant, or whether that he must spend all of his time inside Cylijaca due to some Reuk commitment.



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