Ochra ‘Jowoby


Character (pro-nun-see-A-shun)
Biological Information
Birthplace Birthdate Species Gender
Unknown 907 A.T. Turath Male
Biological Information
Height Weight Skin Colour Eye Colour Hair Colour
1.81 m. | 5’ 11″ 83.9 kg. | 185 lbs. Dark Blue Blue Dark Blue
Clothes Armour Weaponry Seen With
Reuk Robe None None Kouoh Sarom, Dai-Zamaar, Naka yla Seljovh


Ochra ‘Jowoby does not often speak of himself, so his time before being a Gallant is entirely a mystery. Ochra seems to prefer it this way, commenting on numerous occasions that he prefers to be known for the good he has done as both a Gallant and eventually the Reuk.

Being a Gallant

Main Article: Gallants

As mentioned earlier, Ochra does not often speak about himself. However, while he was a Gallant he made a habit of visiting the community of Miatrzy. He no longer engages in this practice, but Adry ‘Jowo has continued it, being raised in Miatrzy himself and was likely a young Turath who met Ochra on many occasions.

Cyliajaca’s Reuk

As Reuk, Ochra ‘Jowoby has become more withdrawn than he was as a Gallant, discontinuing his practice of visiting citizens between campaigns. It is unknown whether this is due to the stress he put his body through as a Gallant, or whether that he must spend all of his time inside Cylijaca due to some Reuk commitment.


Though unconfirmed—as the publications are authored anonymously—it is suspected that Ochra’ Jowoby is the author for several volumes of Rounds From the Route, Ed 5 campaign reports. No Gallant will comment on the matter.


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