Adry ‘Jowo


Adry ‘Jowo (ah-drih yuh-awh-wawh)
Biological Information
Birthplace Miatrzy, The Hilt
Birthdate 917, A.T.
Species Turath
Race N/A
Gender Male
Biological Information
Height 1.83m | 6 1″
Weight 92.9 kg. | 205 lbs.
Skin Colour Dark Blue
Eye Colour Blue
Clothes Gallants Robe, Campaign Collar
Weaponry Air Cannon
Seen With Eleethea

Early Life

Adry ‘Jowo grew up in Miatrzry, over time becoming quite familiar with the Gallants of Cyliajaca before being a Gallant himself. Rumor has it that while a young Turath, Adry developed a figurine-based tabletop game where Omneuttians could roleplay as famous Gallants of old. He was alive when the current Reuk – Ochra ‘Jowoby – was a Gallant, and witnessing his actions reportedly caused him to pursue becoming a Gallant himself.

Gallants of Cyliajaca

Adry is not a conventional fighter, like most Gallants. Instead, his victories in battle come from his strategic prowess. Whether positioning himself or other Gallants against his enemies, the mind of Adry ‘Jowo has proven to be the cause of victory in many campaigns. In addition to battle strategy his brilliance manifests in his inventions, some of which are tools of war such as the Air Cannon. He also engages with the young Turath of Miatrzy, boasting an undefeated streak several digits long in Okattaupos.


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