Dai-Zamaar (daih-zuh-mahr)
Biological Information
Birthplace Unknown
Birthdate Before 890 A.T.
Species Xiruen
Race N/A
Gender Female
Biological Information
Height 2.54m | 8′ 4″
Weight 157 kg. | 346 lbs.
Skin Colour Orange
Eye Colour White
Clothes Gallants Robe, Campaign Collar
Weaponry Fists
Seen With Kouoh Sarom

Early Life

Dai was found by Ochra ‘Jowoby several years ago and was raised with what little knowledge of her own culture that Ochra could find locally. Because of this, Omneuttians often think that she is reclusive or secretive about her past, when the truth is that she does not remember even her first few years at Cyliajaca.

Gallants of Cyliajaca

Because of his fatherly role in her life, Dai grew very protective of not only Ochra ‘Jowoby, but the other Gallants. She predates all of the current active Gallants, making her at least 70. She is nearing the end of her adulthood as a Xiruen and is the leading candidate to replace Ochra ‘Jowoby as Reuk should she outlast the Turath who raised her.


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