In Extremis

April Wrap-Up


Well, April was nice.

I know, I know. At the end of last month, I said April 10th and on would be really busy. Well, it was. Just…not on the website. Gallants IS making a comeback, albeit slightly more delayed than I would’ve wished. There’s more articles and artwork waiting in the wings, but things must come slowly for now. Anyway, onto the Wrap-Up:

  • Kouoh Sarom:¬†The first of several articles about the Gallants of Cyliajaca. The first is about their resident swordsman.
  • Eleethea:¬†Another Gallants article, this time about their Quarryn healer.

Aaaaand, that’s it. Well, some more things happened like I added more forthcoming works to the music page – small things like that. As I mentioned earlier, Gallants is running again and a stream of information and artwork will slowly make its way onto the website throughout the early part of May. That’s not all for May, as I have some more artwork and a couple of Gallants-unrelated articles planned.

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