Eleethea (E-lE-theh-ah)
Biological Information
Birthplace Birthdate Species Race Gender
Unknown 945 A.T. Quarryn Goilee Female
Biological Information
Height Weight Skin Colour
1.53 m. | 5’ 0″ 54.4 kg. | 120 lbs. Dark Green, Brown
Clothes Armour Weaponry Seen With
Gallants Robe None None Dai-Zamaar, Kouoh Sarom


Prior to her arrival at Cyliajaca, Eleethea presumably grew up somewhere in Matriarch Grove. She is knowledgeable in the anatomy of many species–including the Sentient Species–and uses this knowledge to help heal others.

Gallants of Cyliajaca

Main Article: Gallants

Eleethea is still young when we are introduced to the Gallants, around 20 years of age. Her role in the Gallants so far has largely been on of support–exemplified by having been on several campaigns without leading a single one. This is not to say she does not possess leadership skills, other Gallants would follow her without question, but she does not seem to be keen on asking for an increased role.


Eleethea has appeared in several campaigns for the Gallants of Cyliajaca, and is referenced in the reports of several.

Rounds From the Route, Ed 5 Vol 56


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