In Extremis Wrap-Up

March Wrap-Up


Once you miss March 31st, you can’t put a wrap-up out on April Fools. That’d be a terrible idea. This post was written yesterday, and is now finally being posted. Yay, productivity.

Anyway, here’s what happened last month:

  • Davo: Look at that, an article! This time, on the homeworld of the Avotoc.
  • Future Plans: Part VII talked about the website redesign–and though not much of it pertains to In Extremis–it talks about how all of InEx’s content can be accessed in one menu now!
  • Matriarch Grove: Another article in the series of sections of space. This is the Quarryn’s space.
  • Spring Cleaning: TL;DR: I fixed a lot of links on the website.
  • Parallelium: The most recent (as of writing) in the series of space sections. Halfway there!
  • Quarrnyl: An article about mother nature, Quarrnyl herself.

So March was a little light, though it was mostly articles, and a couple featured new articles. I got a LOT of work done – the website redesign and the link work was a more than I thought it would be, and not as much as it looks like. Gallants is set to make a comeback soon. More on that in a second.

April has a couple things in store, hopefully some more articles and artwork. Gallants is ready to make a comeback, just have a few pieces of art and character introduction to refine before rolling that out again. The back half of April (well, really just the 10th on) is going to be heavy on In Extremis work, so expect a lot of content then.

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