Quarrnyl (kwahr-nihl)
Physical Description
Species Gender Form(s)
Ontautt Female Nature Spirit Triped
Religious Information
Titles Domains Holy Text
Nurturer Nature The Qua
Clothes Armour Weaponry Seen With
Deity Robes, Crown of Nature Bark Sleeve None Ontautt


Main Article: Ontiba 1:2

Quarrnyl was created by Aster to help clean up after the previous Deity – Porrair. Her creation was in order to stem the damage done by her sister.


Quarrnyl’s power extends over most of the natural aspects of Omneutta. She works with Aster to create animals and new plants, though she can usually create subspecies of both on her own. She can accelerate the growth of an entire forest for example, and turned charred soil into habitable land. Her appearance is a reflection of these powers – nature grows from her very body on her right arm, her skirt is made from leaves clasped together by the hips of animals, and her crown is made of woven twigs with minerals and animal teeth.


Quarryn has many artifacts attributed to her, including those she is usually seen with. Her Crown of Nature is woven from twigs, featuring animal teeth and gemstones to illustrate her role as protector of all three facets of nature: Flora, Fauna, and Terra. The three staves of the Quarryn Eefiga were designed and given to the Quarryn by Quarrnyl herself. Of note is the staff of Fauna, which used the skull of a pet that Davoto was fond of. The use of this skull in a mortal instrument angered Davoto for some time.

View of Sentient Species

Quarrnyl is perhaps the most benevolent of all Deities in regards to the Sentient Species. Her role as the overseer of all life in Omneutta greatly impacts this view. She believes that the Sentient Species should be left largely alone, without any, or at worst minimal interference from the other Deities. They should grow to be their own independently functioning societies, and it is up to them to fix their own problems. To Quarrnyl, the Deities left Omneutta to the Sentient Species at the Time Reset, and what happens to Omneutta after that point is up to the Sentient Species.


Like Aster, she is attributed having a reserved approach to interacting with the Sentient Species after the Time Reset, but is not as reserved as Aster on the matter. Several depictions of her exist appearing to help the Quarryn in times of crisis after the Time Reset.

Ontiba 1:2


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