Dominant RacePoria

Location Information

TerrainClimatePoints of InterestLocal Groups
Mountainous, High Plateaus, Plains and River DeltasSub-arctic, Tundra, Temperate, Sub-tropicEgur-Hlasarl, Elon-Hlasarl, OhrEgur Cluster, Ehur Cluster, Elon Cluster

Musical rendering from ‘Parallelium EP’


Poria-Space or Parallelium is most notable for its widespread inhabitants, the Poria. Their structure and architecture dominate and often eradicate what natural formations and geography exist. Poria are spread evenly across Parallelium, though there are congregations of them at both city-centres and notable research planet-stars and star-planets.
The Poria require molten material as sustenance, as it is equivalent to both blood and food for them; their bodies cannot operate without it. As such, Poria communities are rarely far from some source of molten material, whether from a volcano or underground pool. Communities that grow large enough often run the risk of exhausting their supply, and centers that essentially ‘manufacture’ packaged molten material exist throughout Parallelium to get the material to these communities.



The geography of Parallelium is quite diverse, though it is not easily visible. Due to their preference for uniformity and desire of ease of access, any land around or a part of a Poria settlement of any kind, be it residential, commercial, research, or government is made as flat as possible either by finding flat land or creating it. There are naturally occurring geological formations to be found throughout Parallelium, but they are far from developed populations. Some of the larger rivers that make their way to deltas have over time have carved plateaus and canyons in the countryside.

Regions (Local Groups)

The three Local Clusters–Egur, Ehur, and Elon–serve as indications of population dispersement, rather than any geographic distinction.