The Radio

The Radio

The Radio is a five song song-cycle or EP. As a concept piece, it deals with the abstract idea of a girl, alone in a room with a radio. The songs are all named after the CMYK subtractive colour model, which is used as a metaphor for how the girl deals with her emotions.

“Cyan”, “Magenta”, “Yellow”, “Subtraction”, and “Key” are all composed by and with lyrics by Mikkel S. Christensen. The ensemble is Cl. in Bb, Tenor Sax, Piano, E. Gtr., Drumset, and vocals. “Cyan” features Upright Bass. “Yellow” features Tpt. in Bb, and a second Guitar. “Key” features 6-String Electric Bass.

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Album Credits:

Main Ensemble:

The Girl – Kelsey Mayhew
Clarinet in Bb – Dan Aleman
Tenor Saxophone – Dan Aleman
Piano – Tara Annuziata
Electric Guitar – Tommy DiMeo
Drumset – Mikkel Christensen

Featured Musicians:

Mezzo Soprano – Kelsey Mayhew
Tenor – Justin Kilpatrick
Baritone – Tommy DiMeo
Upright Bass (Cyan) – Jessica Castiglione
Trumpet in Bb (Yellow) – Thomas DiDomizio
6-String Electric Bass (Key) – Bob Kessler


Recording Engineer – Dan “Cap’n” Aleman
Assistant Engineer – Joe Juliano
Mixing and Mastering – Mikkel Christensen
Additional Mixing – Dan “Cap’n” Aleman
Musician’s Union Head – Dan Aleman

MEDIA: (Warning Large Files)

Album Cover

Long Artwork

Liner Notes



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