Spring Cleaning

Okay, so it’s a little early for spring…

But I have cleaned up the website a bit. By making it more cluttered. Let me explain. So, when I publish articles, I try and do a little bit of fortune telling and predict what articles I’ll need in the future. Not an exact science, but if I want to reference information that I haven’t made up yet, I’ll leave a place holder. Eventually, I make articles to fill those place holders. I keep track of how many place holders I have for each article- this helps me decide what articles should be made next.

Last weekend I went through the entire website and linked all the articles that now exist, to the points in articles that referenced them when they didn’t exist yet. This yielded one-hundred eleven new links on this website (111!). I could go through this process monthly, quarterly, or at least semi-annually and probably not have so many links to deal with, but to be completely honest, I don’t know when I’ll be doing something like this again. It could be as soon as the summer or the upcoming winter, or some time in 2017 (or even 2018), all depending on how much new content I generate between now and then.

One more thing that’s of note before you go! I also put out a new page called “New to In Extremis?” that serves as a handy little guide for anyone who wants to get a quick rundown of the series. Use it if you feel like you need a refresher, or send it to a friend who you think might be interested. It will get added to as new information changes things, but since this page only covers the basics, that shouldn’t be for a while.


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