In Extremis Wrap-Up

February Wrap-Up


February wasn’t much, but it started a lot of things that will come to fruition in March and April.

February was good in the things I did put out, and all three are important. But like I said earlier, it laid a lot of groundwork for things to come, and there’s some cool things just around the corner. So, here’s what happened:

Media: There’s some awesome desktop and cellphone wallpapers here, available at both low and high resolutions. Both cellphone wallpapers are also available as desktops as well.

Divine Forge: A new article about what lies at the center (and around that) of Omneutta.

Pale Shores: Same thing as Divine Forge, but this time with Avotoc.

March is shaping up to be really good. There are a few article waiting to be published, plus more that I am working on currently. The redesign of the website that I’ve spoken about will be on its way shortly, along with a future plans post after that. The redesign will alter the way I deliver content to the site, as well as the way you look for it, and I really think this will streamline the process.

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