Divine Forge


Divine Forge (dih-vI-ne-fohr-juh)
Dominant Race Ontautt
Terrain Mountainous Plains
Climate High elevation
Long low plains
Pine forests
Dry cold
Point(s) of Interest Astran

Musical rendering from ‘Environmental Atmospheres’


The Divine Forge or Astran-Space exists in the center of Omneutta and is where the largest star-planet exists, Astran. Astran is the home of the Deities. Astran-Space is also a space rich in minerals. These minerals are used for a wide variety of purposes, though their most notable use is by OLAH for coating Lott of different values.


Aside from Astran, which has a different continent representing each section of space and their parental Deity, the continent at the middle of Astran’s bodies and the bulk of Astran-Space are covered in mountainous plains. Rivers flow down from mountaintops through valleys and around long expansive plains, usually until they run off of the land and become mist. The mist helps keep plant growth alive in the valleys, and at times can turn into snow by colder air from the mountains.


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