Va Uavtieo


Wa Uawtieo (vah uh-ahv-tE-awh
Biological Information
Birthplace Unknown
Birthdate Unknown
Deathdate Keuepa, 34 Evtuvas, 980 A.T.
Species Turath
Gender Female
Biological Information
Height 1.7m | 5′ 10″
Weight 86 kg. | 190 lbs.
Skin Colour Deep blue, with patches of red, orange, white, green, and gold
Eye Colour Red
Clothes Kolegi Robe
Seen With N/A


Va Uavtieo’s birth-name is unknown, as is much of her young life. At some point she was told by an elderly Maoni Kettlah that she would be needed to lift a curse. She took this to heart and devoted several years of cross-discipline study, picking up the abilities she needed from Aster, Quarrnyl, Porrair, and Haket. Once she posessed the minor disciplines and abilities she needed, she sought out the Kolegi z Neijwiedz.

Kolegi z Neijwiedz

It is unknown how much time she spent at the College of Lesser Knowns. She left in 962 A.T., according to the Turath who escorted Skeli during Chasing Shadows. While she was there, she developed a deep understanding of Sha’an magic in order to lift the curse she was told of.

Before The Wind

After many years of waiting at Lzasko honing her craft, Skeli, Dreads, Mik, and Koroh Vadem finally found her. After being told of Dread’s curse and the extent of Rey’ynar’s political maneuvering, Va Uavtieo set them out to completely destroy enough Reykata to craft a Kpouynar from. Once this was completed, she was able to craft a Kpouynar and use it to store the curse of Dreadlock, enabling Dreads not only to return to water, but to assume the form of Dreadlock out of water.


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