Artwork for a Healer

Back again with another piece of artwork for Chasing Shadows. 

Va Uavtieo is pretty much the final piece of support for Chasing Shadows. So, let’s talk about her design. Without spoilers, she’s a Turath that has studied several different aspects of the other sentient species, most notably the magik of Sham’ayn and the Sha’an. This is seen in her eyes and on her head. She also has limited control over fire; there are orange marks on her chest and back. Green marks on her legs signify her abilities moving the earth, and she has limited abilities of Kettlah, as seen by the gold marks on her tail.

Normally she wears a unique robe, mostly gray with a cover over her neck and shoulders that is representative of the Kolegi where she spent most of her time studying. The robe is asymmetrically symmetrical, in that the sleeves are in two sets, tapered in and out. The robes themselves sweep from her right hip out, with a sharper sweep on the front than the back, giving the robe room to spread as she walks and sits. She also has two other tunics, though she rarely wears them. The longer tunic is in one piece and is secured by the same belt as the shorter tunic. The shorter tunic is in three separate layers, gray, teal, and crimson.




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