Koroh Vadem


Koroh Vadem (kO-rOh-vah-dehm)
Biological Information
Birthplace Vale Reef
Birthdate Ontauvas, 847 A.T.
Deathdate Keuepa, 34 Evtuvas, 980 A.T.
Species Kettlah
Race Maoni
Gender Male
Biological Information
Height 1.9m | 6′ 8″
Weight 107 kg. | 235 lbs.
Skin Colour Golden
Eye Colour Golden
Clothes Sometimes wears wraps
Seen With Skeli, Dreads, Mik

Early Life

Koroh Vadem is a member of the ouo tribe of Kettlah, as well as being a Maoni. As per the typical Kettlah tradition, Vadem spent the beginning of his life with members of his tribe’s eldest and youngest. It was during this time that he was made aware of his natural predisposition to see both the future and the past. In the shrine nearest his tribe he devoted time to developing these abilities before beginning his studies of Omneutta.


A few decades into his life, Vadem left Vale Reef and began his studies of the Turath culture from within the Hilt. He spent time at a couple Kolegi over the course of nearly sixty years, learning to read and write Jistlek as well as aiding Turath who were studying the abilities of the Kettlah. From The Hilt Vadem was supposed to journey to the Matriarch Grove to study with Quarryn before returning home as an established Kettlah. During the journey between The Hilt and Matriarch Grove, Vadem had a vision containing details of his future and the Avotoc Le’Tusce (Skeli).

Before The Wind

After having his vision, Vadem stayed on the planet-star Yivoulci for many years until being found by Skeli on Dauepa, the 20th of Apuvas. Once he found the Avotoc from his vision many years prior, he journeyed across Omneuttia in order to remove the Reykata Dreadlock from the octopus Dreads. This process ultimately cost Vadem his life. In order to place Dreadlock inside a Kpouynyar a life force had to be sacrificed to host the curse of Dreadlock inside the artifact. Vadem was aware of this process as it was in his vision, and became deceased on Keuepa, the 34th of Evtuvas, 908 A.T.


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