In Extremis Wrap-Up

2015 Year Wrap-Up

2015 was a fantastic year.  February marked 3 years since In Extremis was first published. In Extremis has come a long way in those now-almost 4 years. In 2015 we went from Kickstarter to self-funding, we had a book release (two, really), soundtrack releases, plenty of artwork, and lots of articles!

January: This month was all about Avotoc. Once the kickstarter ended, I talked about the Avotoc through music, some artwork, and put out an article wrapping it all up.

February: This was supposed to be like January, but with Quarryn instead. I wasn’t able to put out as much material as I wanted, the Quarryn were just too weird for me to come up with so much information in a short amount of time. But, I did put out an article- which as since been revised- about the Quarryn.

March: Wow, March was busy! The bandcamp for In Extremis launched, with some free music (it’s still there). I also got a bunch of artwork done, for Deities and Sha’an. I also talked about the future direction of the site, and all of those plans came true.

April: April didn’t get a Wrap-Up because I didn’t post anything on the website in April. I was able to begin some behind-the-scenes work, which enabled the massive outpouring of content over the summer that came next.

May: May was a little all over the place, but the main thing that happened was the launch of the Chasing Shadows Hub. That post was the home base of (almost) everything that happened over the summer, from the book, to the album, and artwork. Also, some non-hub related artwork came out.

June: June saw me start producing a lot of the content for the soundtrack, as well as some promotional artwork. Both are still available to listen to/hear respectively.

July: The eBook of Chasing Shadows finally launched, as well as all the material that came early in the month. The soundtracks were finished and the last previews made available. There was more artwork, and another batch of updates put in the hub.

August: This was the first month with the fancy new Wrap-Up logo inspired by the Hub from the summer. The soundtracks were put onto YouTube, then bandcamp, and we got our first article supporting Chasing Shadows (It was Skeli). Future Plans: Part VI also delved into what I spent most of the remainder of 2015 doing- supporting Chasing Shadows.

September: A couple more articles for support, some new pages to showcase a new Plot-Arc, and some more artwork for the Deities. I also posted the rest of the first section of The Ontiba, an important read for the etiological myths of In Extremis.

October: October was a really diverse month for the website. There was artwork for a few different species, articles about two deities, and a couple of articles for one of the largest places we visit in Chasing Shadows. In October I also introduced some new icons that now adorn the top of every article. More on them in 2016?

November: November was a month where I made a bunch of small edits to articles all over the place, with some actual article-sized content coming in at the end of the month. Every Sentient Species article was updated with their symbol, and we have an article for another one of the Chasing Shadows gang.

December: Free music and a bunch of articles to close out the year. What more could you want? How about some new artwork before the articles came out, and spread out over the new articles too? We’ve got that. There’s a board game, a government, a couple non-sentient species, a deity, and a central figure to the Avotoc afterlife. You’ve got some more reading to do if you missed the end of December.

2016 should be a really good year. With the support of Chasing Shadows winding down, I can shift from that to two separate processes- supporting the universe of Omneuttia as a whole with a broader assortment of articles, and continuing production on Dead Run, the sequel and conclusion of the Before The Wind plot-arc. We’ll see some Gallants from time to time as well, as the first campaign is nearing completion over on SSLF. The remaining support of Chasing Shadows is almost entirely articles, so by February or March, I hope to be done with that task and move on to what I spoke of earlier.

I’m looking for a year (finally) where each month has something going on, both on the website, and with content creation/development off of the website. Looking back at 2015, the concept of having a month of updates centered around one topic (be it a Sentient Species, a character, location or whatnot) is intriguing, but I think I’ll continue to push out content in my unorganized way of whatever-gets-done-gets-done. I’ve said it a few times that I procrastinate on In Extremis by doing other In Extremis things, which creates the sometimes-lack-of-organization.

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