In Extremis Wrap-Up

December Wrap-Up

December was a very good month, especially late.

Last month, I anticipating having more artwork, and different kinds of articles done. While that wasn’t the case, I did put a lot of new material on the website, along with some old material that was refurbished in new articles. I still did have some artwork, and even some music too. I do not, however, have any new information on Dead Run, but I will have some soon.

Free Music: Two tracks from the Chasing Shadows Original Soundtrack were redone, and as such, are available for free. Forever!

Rey’ynar Masks: In this post I tried to take some of the options from November’s artwork and turn it into a bevy of close options to choose from.

Redcloak Artwork: Now that I had cloaks, robes, and masks to choose from, I chose.

Aster: The first of a series of articles, now we have one about the first Deity.

Deity Shared Form: Take a look at the form that the Deities share from time to time.

Deity Cloak: This is what enabled/forced the Deities to share the form to begin with.

Ontautt: Now all eight main species have their own articles.

Sentient Species: AND an article to sum up each sentient species.

Lu’Sca: Lu’Sca was an early Avotoc and according to the Ontiba is now the overseer of the Avotoc afterlife.

Okattaupos: An article about one of the more prominent games that Omneuttians play, similar to chess, but with a twist.

OLAH: The Omne-Lata Ad-Hocracy is the most recognized governing body of Omneuttia in A.T., though not the most beloved.

Reykata: Find out more about the Reykata, the minions of Rey’ynar.

Enforcers: The Lyenn are mainly known as Enforcers, who often ride their mounts around Omneuttia. Not much is known about them by Omneuttians.

January should be a good month, which a couple more articles and more artwork on the way. As more articles and information from Chasing Shadows is put onto the site, I can turn to a more stable output of general articles and working on Dead Run. These articles will be more about Omneuttia as a whole, some locations and characters with minor roles or not mentioned in Chasing Shadows but are still important to In Extremis as a whole. Along with those, I’ll be spending more time on Dead Run.

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