Deity Cloak



Deity Cloak (dE-it-E klO-k)
Weight Value Type
2 kg. N/A Cloth
Origin Obtain Effect
Ontautt Created by Aster Holds wearer to their Shared Form

The Deity Cloak is an item that only exists in eight copies.

The cloak when worn holds its wearer to their version of the Deity Shared Form, and cannot be removed by the wearer. The reason for this is the medallion that hangs from the ribbon around the neck. The medallion was the original item given to deities to retain them in their shared form, and created the robes subsequently. Later, some deities preferred to wear the robes when in their shared form voluntarily, and wear them without the medallion.

It is a white cloak, trimmed with a colour that represents the deity wearing it. The trim is present on the edge of the hood, both sleeves, as well as a banner hanging from the right shoulder. A medallion representing each deity also hangs from the neck under the hood, and is held up by straps of the deity’s colour as well.



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