Deity Shared Form


Deity_SharedNaked copyGeneral

The shared form of the Deities is a derivation of the main or pure form of Aster.

The shared form stands at around 10 feet (3 meters), including the floating head. The body is tall, thin, and lanky. The arms and legs are disproportionately long as compared to the torso length and head size. At each elbow, a cluster of material grows, representing each deity in their shared form. Each hand has three fingers and two thumbs, and the fingers are much longer than the thumbs.

The floating head resembles the universe itself, with tiny stars appearing to float inside a black cloud. Two white eyes stand out from the rest of the stars, and the colour does not change between deities. The shape and colour of the material that makes up the upper and lower eyebrows do change to reflect which deity it is.

Changes Between Deities

Each deity has minor changes in their shared form to help differentiate between them when their Deity Cloak is not worn. As Aster’s form is the basis of the shared form, there are no changes.


Extiru‘s eye sockets are a darker orange, close to brown. The sockets are also much thicker, both vertically and in regards to depth in his head. The forms on his elbows resemble rock pillars.


The eye sockets in Davoto‘s head do not look much different than Aster’s, but are a light gray rather than white, as well as being smooth. Crystals grow from his elbows, resembling the blue-green crystals that adorn his staff, crown, and many aspects of Avotoc culture.


Haket’s eye sockets are a golden colour, and are much closer to his eyes than other deities and are smooth like Davoto’s. Small tendrils reminiscent of his wing-like appendages grow from his elbows and wiggle from time to time.


Porrair‘s eye sockets look much like her hardened-lava body of her main form, a dark purple-ish gray with cracks that show red, orange, and yellow beneath. From her elbows shoot three jets of fire that occasionally shoot further out.


Small clusters of rocks are the eye sockets for Quarrynl. If one looks close enough, small vines can be seen wrapped around the rocks. The material growing from her elbows is a sharp animal tooth that appears to be coming from a rock, with leafy vines wrapped around both.


Sham’ayn‘s eye sockets appear to glow; though they are black they shine with a pink-red light. Her elbows grow black crystals in the same shape of Aster’s, but her crystals explode on occasion in a flash of red smoke.


Taruthe’s eye sockets are in the same shape as Aster’s and can appear in any colour he chooses, not limited to the colours of the Deities. From his elbows grow small clusters, similar in appearance to Aster, but are coloured with the colour of each Deity save for Aster and Taruthe.


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