Aster (aehs-teur)

Biographical Information

OntauttMaleHeadless Biped

Religious Information

TitlesDomainsHoly Text
High Father, Holy OneCreation, LifeThe Ontiba


ClothesArmourWeaponrySeen With
Deity Robes, NoneNoneOntautt


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Aster was created with the origin of The Known Universe, which grew from the point of singularity embedded in his chest.


Aster’s main power is creation. Inside Aster resides the point of singularity- the point from which everything in The Known Universe was created. It is unclear whether Aster uses the singularity in order to create things, or whether he allows the energy of the singularity to flow through him and create things of its own accord.


Aster is the only Deity not to have any artifacts solely attributed to him.

View of Sentient Species

Aster’s view of Sentient Species is usually positive, and he is regarded as one of the most favorable deities to the Sentient Species. Because of this, worship that includes multiple deities almost always involves his worship as well, with some denominations even going so far as to worship only Aster. His involvement with the Sentient Species is mostly one of laissez faire, allowing things to happen without intervention. He is aware that the other seven deities occasionally intervene, but tries to keep himself impartial in the affairs of the mortal world- only asking the other deities occasionally to stop their actions.


With his hands-off approach, Aster is likely the only Deity to never have been spotted among the ranks of mortals since the Time Reset. This is highlighted by Aster not having made a mortal species in his image, though being the father of the universe, it is likely that Aster could change his form into that of one of the Sentient Species.

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