More Redcloak Artwork

Back again with a short post about Redcloak, or Rey’ynar. Again, as spoiler-free as possible.Redcloak referred to as such, because for a while all we know about him (through Chasing Shadows) is that they wear a red cloak. Here, we can see the two different cloaks, or a cloak and a robe, that they wear. The last frame is also his staff that sees occasional use.

CharSketch_ReyynarThe first figure is the ‘Daily Cloak’ in Chasing Shadows, this is what they wear. It has a hood, two layers of collars, and is generally a slim-fit garment. The hood covers the top tip of the mask, in the center between the ‘ears’, but the rest of the mask resides in front of the hood. Two collars rest on top of one another below the hood; the bottom collar is segmented and more poofy/pompous while the top one is thinner. The sleeves are short and splay outwards at their end. Underneath a corset-like garment, the cloak splits into layers. The layer that covers the back and sides is frayed towards the bottom and is tipped outside the knees. From the front there are two more layers, a thicker, more hardy layer protecting the crotch and upper legs, while the one covering the lower legs is very frayed.

The second figure is the ‘Ceremonial Robe’. As its name implies, it is only worn during ceremonies. Rey’ynar is in charge of some things, but telling you would be a spoiler, so I’ll avoid that. The robe is long and flowing, much of it residing on the ground around the feet. If this was worn more often, the bottom would be full of holes and tears. The large open sleeves are torn at the bottom end, as are the banners that hang from the shoulders and loop around behind the neck. Rey’ynar also wears his mask with this garment, and there is no hood.

In the final frame, you can see Rey’ynar without any garments, and with the staff. Eyes are closed, revealing dark eyelids and hiding bright red eyes. You can also see that Rey’ynar has some striping, as do most Sha’an. These stripes are a lighter gray, though there is some variance in colour across Sha’an, which could be due to Race, or other genetic factors. Rey’ynar also keeps their Tribute to Sham’ayn with them at all times, using it as a floating finial for his staff. The staff is not connected physically to the Tribute, and as such can disappear and reappear at the will of Redcloak. The staff seems to be for appearance only, as Rey’ynar can use his magik with or without the staff.


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