In Extremis Wrap-Up

November Wrap-Up

November was a month of a bunch of little updates around the site. It makes for a large group of little excerpts to read. There weren’t posts on the website for a couple weeks, but plenty of stuff got done.

Like I said earlier, November was mostly just little updates that replaced a few paragraphs per article and adding some new images. Well, that and all of those edits were bookended by some real content. So, here’s what happened:

Quick Update v3: The bulk of this quick update was to show you all of the crests/symbols/logos of each Sentient Species. I also talked about what I was going to do for the rest of the month, which is what I’m doing here anyway.

Avotoc History: New stuff is under the header of History, which is below Culture and has the nice new crest attached to it.

Quarryn History: Same thing here as with the Avotoc. New information; new picture.

Gallants: A Gallants update! Hurrah. I expect another one (or two?) before the end of the year. Link takes you to SSLF.

Rey’ynar Sketches: Here’s some artwork of what will become Rey’ynar/Redcloak’s outfit and mask. Nothing is finalized yet, but it’s close, so you can see the direction it’s heading.

Avotoc Culture: This whole article got re-done, complete with the crest, information about their government, and religion, along with some other small details all over the place.

Religion: It’s far from complete, but it’s here. An article about the religious beliefs in Omneutta.

Mis’Kelin: Our favourite purple-shirted, double-voulge-weilding Avotoc is here. Gee, that’s awfully specific…

December should be very good to In Extremis. I have plans for some new music on the horizon, and it will be free. I also want to get done more culture articles in the future, as well as some other location articles. And maybe another item article finally. Towards the end of December, I might squeak out some news about Dead Run as well.

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