Mik (mIk) | Mis’Kelin (mIs-keh-lIn)

Biographical Information

Birthplace Pale Shores
Birthdate ~945 A.T.
Species Avotoc
Race Unknown
Gender Male

Biological Information

Height 1.3m | 4’ 3″
Weight 53 kg. | 116 lbs.
Skin Colour White
Eye Colour Black


Clothes Purple Shirts, Shorts, No Boots
Weaponry Double-Voulge, Multiple Pistols
Seen With Skeli, Dreads, Koroh Vadem

Early Life

Not much is known about Mis’Kelin’s life before he met Skeli, but it is implied that he has been a hand for hire, and a weapons maker. His desire to travel to The Resistance after having learned how to play Okattaupus indicates that he has been to The Resistance before, and that his education is perhaps mostly self-taught. It is not known if he has given up being a mercenary in order to join The Resistance, or if he was hired on by the organization.

Before The Wind

Mik is found by Skeli on the Avotoc Planet-Star of Koskno, where Mik has been hunted and surrounded by Enforcers. He joins Skeli and agrees to travel with him, making the group a foursome with himself, Skeli, Dreads, and Koroh Vadem. His companionship is under the condition that after helping to cure Dreads, Skeli will join The Resistance.


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