Mis’Kelin | Mik (mIs-keh-lIn | mIk)

Biographical Information

Pale Shores940 A.T.AvotocMale

Biological Information

HeightWeightSkin ColourEye Colour
1.3 m. | 4’ 3″53 kg. | 116 lbs.WhiteDark Gray


ClothesArmourWeaponrySeen With
Purple Shirts, Shorts, Bare FeetNoneDouble Voulge, Multiple PistolsThe Resistance


Not much is known about his early life, though it is implied several times that he has been both a hand for hire, and a weapons maker in the past. Prior to his adventures in the Roaming With Fire series, he was part of a guild of fighters.

Roaming With Fire

Throughout the series, Mik is accompanied by a Lott that used to come from his former guild work.


In addition to his lead role in the book series Roaming with Fire, Mik also appears in Before The Wind.