Rey’ynar Sketches

Without spoiling anything from Chasing Shadows for those who haven’t read it, Rey’ynar also known as Redcloak is an important character. His wardrobe isn’t really described in the book so my work for a while was figuring out what he wears and how he wears it. Still haven’t nailed it down completely, but I’ve got several good ideas floating around.

This first image contains some sketches of both his outfits and his mask. Rey’ynar is a Sha’an, and they wear individualized masks. Designing his mask is an important step to defining his identity, and I’m not sure any of these are going to make the cut. I’ll probably do another study of just masks sometime soon. I drew out eight designs for his attire and ended up mixing and matching elements, I think I want to draw out some more masks. Especially since they don’t change as his wardrobe does.

Reyynar2This second image contains five outfits- two of which make up another. I think of the first two outfits as sort of base layers- not really undergarments, but you could throw robes over them. They’re fairly tight other than some loose, torn material around the legs and lower arms. They’re coloured in black and white here, but they would be red or red-ish as seen in the last three. The first red outfit is described here as “Formal Wear”, what he’d wear in dress occasions where he was seen in a more regal context. The middle red set is “Everday” and is what he was likely wearing when described in Chasing  Shadows. The last outfit is more for ceremonial purposes, which is different from Formal Wear in that a ceremony would be in his honour.


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