Quick Update Vol. 3

Hey all- me again (as always). This time I’m back with some fancy new graphics, as well as a lot of text. The first part will explain the graphics at the bottom, which cycle through the different logos for each of the seven Sentient Species. Another bulk of text will explain what I hope to do for the rest of November.

Each Sentient Species has their own logo to represent them, just as their parental Deities do. Many political and/or religious groups in a given Sentient Species derive their own logos from their species’ logo, if their groups are to be within their species. The Xiruen‘s logo is simple and reminiscent of their physical appearance, with two round shapes representing their body, four horizontal lines representing their arms, and a vertical line to represent their horn. The logo for the Avotoc is a little abstract, meant to represent the repeated division into three in their culture. The Kettlah logo may look abstract, but it is the same logo as Haket, flipped upside-down and filled in. The Porian logo is complex, and looks more like a mind-bending puzzle than a logo meant to represent a Sentient Species; it is broken into five nearly-identical parts with each representing a level of political influence. The logo for the Quarryn is complex and draws inspiration from their Eefigas, their reproductive method (eggs) and various elements of their culture (flora, fauna, and gaia). The Sha’an‘s logo are seven identical squares rotated kind-of equally around each other, unwilling to meet in the middle. In contrast, the Turath‘s logo is eight circles that are equidistant from each other, surrounding a common center.

The rest of November (sorry it’s been devoid of posts so far) looks much better. I plan to go around the website and spruce up some posts with new (and not contradictory) information, as well as graphics. There are some articles that should link to others that do not, and I’ll clean up those as well. I will probably post at the end of each week (or something like that) letting you know what I’ve cleaned up and improved recently. I don’t think there will be a huge outpouring of new content (artwork or otherwise), but a bunch of small updates is well within the realm of possibility.

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