In Extremis Wrap-Up

October Wrap-Up

October’s been a pretty good month. A few new articles got published; some articles dealt with Chasing Shadows while some did not. There is more supporting literature on the way, but let’s review October first.

Davoto: First article of the month, and first article in about a month. I talk about the third Deity, his role in death and his view on the Sentient Species.

Quick Update v2: I rolled out some artwork of an infamous Avotoc, as well as Porrair. Then I talked about them.

Gallants Update: GALLANTS! The biggest update yet (not saying much) was delivered. Moving closer towards the end of the first campaign, which will then be on this website.

Porrair: An article for Porrair, the first female Deity. It follows the same structure as Davoto’s article, her abilities and how she views those created in her image.

Ohr: I finally got an article out to support Chasing Shadows. My first location article, I also introduced the style of map that I will be using for star-planets and planet-stars.

Quarryn Matrons: A quick blog post about the three Quarryn who over generations have come to be in charge of the Quarryn culture/government. This post has artwork and details their ceremonious attire.

Hunziy: This might be the first article that is part of another article! This article is for Hunziy, the capitol continent of the star-planet Ohr.

In November, I’ll be pushing more artwork and articles that support Chasing Shadows, as well as putting out more and refining the current ensemble of articles on the website at the moment. You might have noticed these little icons around the website: Era1234. They do have meaning, which we’ll see eventually but I do need to go around each article and update them with new information as I continue developing the Lore of In Extremis. No need to watch the old articles, I’ll link them to you as I update them.

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