Porrair (pohr-air)

Biographical Information

OntauttFemaleHumanoid Lava

Religious Information

TitlesDomainsHoly Text
The Knowledge Seeker, Flaming EyeKnowledge, Fire, Lava, MetalThe Po


ClothesArmourWeaponrySeen With
Deity Robes, Volcanic CrownHardened Lava-skinFireOntautt


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Porrair was created by Aster from the consensus of the four preceding Deities, Aster, Extiru, Davoto, and Haket. Porrair’s purpose is to catalogue all of their discoveries, and then use those discoveries to make new ones.


Porrair is a master of organization and efficiency, and the first practitioner of Omneuttian Scientific Method. She wields fire at will, in addition to being able to manipulate the temperature of the molten material coursing through her body. Using intense heat, she purified elements into their most simple state. In battle, she can use her flames both offensively and defensively as well as hardening her skin into armour.


Porrair’s crown is said to be the size of a throne compared to mortal Poria. It is said that the Poria who finds this throne will transform Parallelium into a Hereditary Monarchy, as only the true heir to Porrair’s throne can withstand the heat of sitting in it.

View of Sentient Species

Porrair holds fairly restrictive views of the Sentient Species, but there is little she can do to influence them directly or indirectly, other than appearing as a Poria. She views the free will given to the seven Sentient Species as a hinderance to the Deities’ overall goal of keeping Omneuttia balanced and efficiently moving in all aspects of life such as political policy, scientific discovery, exploration, and social progress.

She holds the Poria as an example for her views on civility and order, despite her private qualms with the development of her species. Though their political system is not as efficient as she touts, and their political party that pushes civility can be violent in their means to achieve their end, Porrair wishes the other six Sentient Species could be more like the Poria.


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