Quick Update vol. 2

I won’t berate you with the state of my internet- I’d rather have the problem solved ASAP and get back to being able to work where I want when I want. That’s all I’ll say about that.

In the meantime- I said in the past that I’d be working to get more articles out to help support Chasing Shadows, and I am working on that. I’ve got a big article coming on somewhere we spend a whole chapter at in Chasing Shadows, but it requires more backstory/lore. This is the behind-the-scenes work I talk about frequently in the weekly forecasts (on facebook), and it usually leads me to getting distracted and writing more lore, especially about stuff I wasn’t working on at the time.

That’s how we get these two pieces of art. One is more relevant to the big article I’m working on, while the other isn’t. I am also planning on articles for each of these two individuals eventually (Porrair sooner than later), but for now we have some artwork to discuss.

Lu’Sca is an Avotoc that was born in the second generation (~300 B.T.), who eventually became the Avotoc in charge of the afterlife. He wasn’t exactly on great terms with Davoto, but more on that later.

Porrair is the fifth Ontautt, and Deity of scientific progress. She wields fire and is made from magma/lava which she can harden to form thicker skin wherever she chooses on her body. Her crown is essentially an active volcano- and because she can use all five senses through her molten body, it doesn’t block her vision.

LuSca Porrair