Davoto (dah-vO-tO)
Physical Description
Species Gender Form(s)
Ontautt Male Giant Skeleton
Religious Information
Titles Domains Holy Text
Gate Keeper, The Unending Gaze Death, Water, and Ice The Dav
Clothes Armour Weaponry Seen With
Deity Robes, Cape, Breechcloth Davoto’s Crown Davoto’s Staff Ontautt


Main Article: Ontiba 1:2

Davoto was created by Aster to help the later Deity handle the mounting responsibility of death in Omneutta.


Davoto is able to kill any creature in Omneuttia at any point in time, regardless of his location. He also has control over water and, through that, Ice. Davoto’s ice, as seen on his staff is a special green-blue colour. He can manipulate his powers telekinetically, like the other Deities, but prefers to use his staff. The ice most often grows in crystalized prisms, with clusters of these prisms sometimes occurring.


Davoto’s two main artifacts (seen above) are his crown and staff. Much like Porrair’s Crown, Davoto’s Crown is rumored to only appear to an Avotoc of fabled power, and only this Avotoc can wield it as a shield, as Davoto’s head is nearly as large as most Avotoc. Davoto’s power is also channeled into the Cane of Ayoko, given to Lu’Sca to tend to Efteta. Though not often shown with him in many portrayals, it is believed that the set of armour worn by Davoto in the Deity Wars could also be worn by Avotoc, if found.

View of Sentient Species

Davoto was the first Deity to be granted a sentient species, which allowed the Avotoc to develop over a longer period of time before the Time Reset. Davoto is one of the more benevolent Deities towards the species in general, though he at times has little patience for his own species. He becomes more lenient after Lu’Sca and the time restart. Davoto sees the species as more than just tools to further the Deities’ goals and planning; he sees them as the sentient life they are, though he isn’t as willing as Aster to give them free reign.


Davoto, like the other Deities, has allegedly not been seen by mortals since the Time Reset, as part of their promise to let Omneutta be handled by its mortal inhabitants.

Ontiba 1:2


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