In Extremis Wrap-Up

September Wrap-Up

September was fairly busy, but again I didn’t put anything out towards the early part of the month. That should change next month, but September was a pretty good month for In Extremis. We hit 2,000 views on the site and got a few articles published, as well as more artwork, and literature.

Dreads: The first article of the month, another article in support of a Chasing Shadows character. This works in two parts, with the Dreadlock article. As with the Skeli article, Spoiler Warning if you haven’t read Chasing Shadows yet.

Dreadlock: The other half of Dreads; another article! Same as Dreads, Spoiler Warning if you haven’t read Chasing Shadows.

New Pages: Two new pages to help navigation around and out of the website. Menu was renamed from ‘Chasing Shadows’ to ‘Plot-Arcs’ and the two current Plot-Arcs are in a drop down menu.

Kettlah Environments: Two wide-frame environments of the Kettlah worlds done in black and white. Also a fair bit of text to help explain the thought process behind the artwork, as always.

Ontiba 1:2: Section 1 Chapter 2 is now up, with the culmination of our etiological myths for the Deities. It will be a while before I put anything else from the Ontiba up, because Section 1 is now complete.

Shared Form – Part 1: The first in a few posts about the Deity Shared Form, which I am working on an article on.

Shared Heads: Part 2 talks about the heads of the Deity Shared Form, and how they will differ in some small differences and may differ in form.

Deity Robes: Part 3 finalizes some artwork I did a while back (this) and mentions some information that I didn’t include in the drawing itself.

October looks to be a good month. I should have the Deity Shared Form article soon, as well as more artwork and supporting literature. I also have the bare bones of a few articles lying around, so when they get content I can post them as well.

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