Deity Robes Artwork

Here we are again, another piece of art related to the Deity Shard Form. There’s a shared form underneath each set of robes that doesn’t change–in the eyes, eyebrow/sockets, or anything else. I drew something up quickly to provide a body underneath the robes that didn’t detract from the robes themselves. Each Deity has a series of colour identifications- the edge of the hood, cuffs on the end of sleeves, a sash over the shoulder and front of body, as well as a medallion (not pictured) that is worn underneath the hood. More on the medallions (they’re individualized) in the later sections of the Ontiba. The ribbon/material going around the neck on each medallion IS pictured, however, so that is what the diagonal lines from underneath the hood are.DeityRobe

Not sure if I’ll have anything else before (or at) the monthly Wrap-Up. We shall see.


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