Shared Form Sketch

Hey everyone, I got some work done this weekend that I’ll be spreading out towards the end of the month and then recaping it all in a couple days.

This piece is a refresh on the concept of the Deity’s shared form. They’re lanky figures that are very plain. Each Deity (apart from Aster) was created in their shared form, which takes much of its inspiration and basic look from Aster’s original form. There are very small variations for each deity in their shared form: the shapes of the eyebrows/sockets, the colours of their eyes, and sometimes the protrusions from the forearms/elbows. Many things stay the same from each Deity to the next in their shared forms: their lanky bodies, in particular their long fingers, and their tapered feet.


I’ve done some experimentation on the heads of the Deity shared forms, which I’ll show soon.


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