Kettlah Black&White Environments

I’ve got two pieces to present today, that are a little more indicative of a larger scope for the Kettlah’s environment. I’ve talked about and shown art before here towards the bottom of the post. These are in black & white this time because I decided I needed to work on my depth and contrast, which I think is a little better after having spent some time working on these.

In the first image, there’s a fairly distant view of some of the mountain plateau that function as land for the Kettlah. The Kettlah are largely a society of nomads who move around from place to place. For many years they built bridges between the tops of these plateaus. You can see a couple in the first image- one towards the middle and another on the left side of the image. Once the technology of flight and space-flight were introduced to the Kettlah by the Poria the bridges were abandoned. You can find them dotting the landscape of Kettlah planets all over the Vale Reef.

The second is from much further away than the first. There are two ‘spines’ of plateaus at the bottom and top left where civilization can occur. There aren’t any bridges in this image, so the spires in the middle and right of the image are unpopulated. You can see the rest of the mountains through the fog in the middle of the image- as well as some of the spires at the left.

Neither of the images feature any buildings. I have not yet decided on the architectural direction of the Kettlah. I know as nomads they don’t need to build long-term homes, though they should build some shrines to Haket that other tribes of Kettlah can use as temporary homes. I also haven’t drawn much of what happens beneath the fog. That is a whole different ecosystem which I have yet to design.

CompK4 CompK5


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