New Pages

Hey all, this post is a quick recap of a couple of new things around the site.

You can notice the change in the menu first and foremost. The menu items now are as follows:

Home  Plot-Arcs  Blog Post  Information  Bandcamp

The new addition/change is the Plot-Arcs menu item. It is in place of Chasing Shadows page, which is now a sub-menu item selectable if you hover over Plot-Arcs. Also in this sub-menu is a new Plot-Arc- The Gallants of Cyliajaca. The Plot-Arcs page contains links to the Before The Wind article (not the Chasing Shadows Page), and the Gallants of Cyliajaca page.

You can find more information on the Gallants page, but here’s a quick summary:

The Gallants of Cyliajaca functions as a slow-burning Choose Your Adventure game, where I present the characters and context, and participants (SSLF members) make choices for the characters at certain points. I thought about an RP, but I didn’t want to have people tripping over canon in a new universe. This way, I control the universe and maneuvering canon, but the ‘players’ (participants on SSLF) make choices that can have meaningful impact on the story of the characters.

I made a couple mentions about a website called SSLF- this is Saber Scorpion’s Lair Forums, a forum that offers a Role Playing community that I was already a member of. Campaigns, at their conclusion, will be posted here (on this website) for you all to read (for free!). If you wish to participate, sign up for SSLF and find the topic here.


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