Dreads (drehds)
Biological Information
Birthplace GreatSea, Davo, Pale Shores
Birthdate Sometime 939 A.T.
Species Octopus
Gender Presumably Male
Biological Information
Weight 10.6 kg. | 23.5 lbs.
Length 0.7m | 2′ 3.5″
Skin Colour Orange
Eye Colour Off-White
Seen With Skeli

Before The Wind

Main Article: Before The Wind

Upon his introduction at the beginning of Chasing Shadows, Dreads and Skeli have developed a relationship. After the two explained their lives up to that point, Skeli begins to explain the workings of Omneutta to the octopus. Their adventure meanwhile continues to find a cure for Dreads’ curse; the two build their relationship through wit, and bonding over their shared circumstance.

Dreadlock Form

Main Article: Dreadlock

Dreadlock is the form that Dreads is changed into when he is fully submerged in water. Dreadlock is a gargantuan octopus, capable of destroying large ships easily. In Chasing Shadows, Dreadlock is separated into the kpouynar, and Dead Run features Skeli and Dreads learning what this means.


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