Dreadlock (dr-ehd-lohk)
Biological Information
Birthplace GreatSea, Davo, Pale Shores
Birthdate Late 979 A.T.
Species Cursed-Octopus
Gender Presumably Male
Biological Information
Weight 2212 kg. | 4,657 lbs.
Length 71m | 232’ 11″
Skin Colour Orange
Eye Colour Off-White

Before The Wind

Dreadlock is seen twice in Chasing Shadows, once in the chapter Welcome Home and again when Reykata are first encountered. Dreadlock is seen more in Dead Run after being separated from Dreads.

Dreads Form

Main Article: Dreads

Dreads is the form that Dreadlock is most often seen in, and who exists out of water. Dreads is able to communicate with Skeli, and before being separated into the kpouynar, Dreadlock took over the mental capacity. Dreads remarks that when in Dreadlock form he is aware of what Dreadlock is doing, but is unable to control. In Chasing Shadows, Dreadlock is separated into the kpouynar, and Dead Run features Skeli and Dreads learning what this means.


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