In Extremis Wrap-Up

August Wrap-Up

Another month down, another one on the horizon. Chasing Shadows is now fully launched (book and soundtrack).

August seems a little bare if you look at the links, but a lot of important things happened. It’s going to get busier later, but we’ll talk about that after I recap August. Without further stalling, here’s the monthly wrap-up:

Chasing Shadows on YouTube: I couldn’t contain my excitement much longer and posted the soundtracks on YouTube a couple days early. You can find the OST in one link, and the Piano Arrangements in another.

Chasing Shadows Soundtracks: The soundtracks are finally out! This was the last bit from that old Chasinng-Shadows Hub, so I unsticked that from the front page as well. The Original SoundTrack is about 90 minutes long, and the Piano Arrangements is just over half an hour. Earth hour, not In Extremis hour.

Chasing Shadows Hub: Now a menu-item! This will be the new home for all things Chasing Shadows, and will be in the menu for the foreseeable future. There might be updates to it in the future, but they’ll continue with the style already presented.

Future Plans Part VI: I talked about where the website and In Extremis are going in general. I have plans for supporting Chasing Shadows with articles, resuming production on Dead Run (Chasing Shadows sequel), along with some other things. Who knows when Future Plans: Part VII is coming?

Skeli: Our first Chasing Shadows article! YEAH! Come learn about one of our main heroes here, but beware if you haven’t read the book, because…spoilers.

September should be full of more of what the end of August had- development of The Gallants of Cyliajaca (the Choose Your own Adventure game), as well as more articles to support Chasing Shadows. I’ll be starting school again, but it’s not a heavy schedule, so I should have more time than last fall to keep things moving forward.

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